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Water World 06/2015

Water World

We are made of water, it is inside us and it is right to be with it. Moving inside our body lets us live our time. So lets dive in, and play with a part of ourselves, let it embrace you, touch you rock you gently; it is no ordinary water. For that water we flew in the sky immersed with them in the Maldives azure.

Nostalgia 06/2015


Think you’ll find them again. They’re timeless. Do you remember them? And do you remember her going down that long staircase as if her hips moving could displace the white marble steps under her feet? They are that kind of beauty that is ageless and only a picture can freeze, a postcard full of memories that seems mailed tomorrow.It isn’t easy to grasp her today thnking that you will be seing it again in thirty or fifty years. You only need to find the right one, the right ones, the ones who have the strength to stop the days and make one endless. They’re the faces of nostalgia also because beauty, you know… will it mother forever. Photography with its light writes them down in time, they seem born already dusted in an old attic.I looked for them in the streets of New York, L.A., Miami. Aptitude devours miles and miles trying to live with you the sweet taste of feminine beauty; finding it at the end it gives you its endless dreams coming from a thousand ageless faces.Their faces are made up like paintings, lips telling yesterday desires that seem born today, hair outlined by a colorless pencil, eyes sought forever and ever.Is this only nostalgia? Maybe it’s also desire. Don’t ponder, it is!Written by Maurizio Catalani

Deco 05/2015


Femininity expands, assumes elongated agile, and athletic forms, smooth enough to shine, feather light.The déco woman comes from long back. She has wild styles from old Africa, and expands her beauty evoking Aztec art and Egyptian depiction. She blends with nature, with flowing water, and the foliage.They seem to issue forth from the scenic imagination and the almost unreal costumes made by Léon Bakst for Diaghilev’s Russian ballets. They are crystalline forms born from sunrays; the arms and the long legs seem like pinnacles or decorations on same style palaces. Aptitude has chosen nature to describe them; nature with its illogical confusion that has the logic of being, the  Beauty of the body, a lock of hair, bare breasts, eyes looking up into the sky.Déco is a long series of notes that seem to accompany the models of Aptitude to the tune of jazz.Suddenly you discover that your muse is a simple figure, assumes life all on her own and evolves naturally like in photosynthesis, assuming the figure of a flower or the long leaves of a wild plant.The curves become vast, the arms and legs stretch out, seeking life. Paris, New York, Rome, Los Angeles, she is a citizen of the world, she immerging with her style almost melting in, hiding herself and disappearing in the bigger picture. But Aptitude is there, and I’m here to capture the moment, the instant that leads my woman to become Jazz…Written by Maurizio Catalani

Ayda Yespica 06/2015

Ayda Yespica

It’s 2.30 pm on a warm afternoon in March, hot and magnificent as only Miami can be. She has just arrived from Los Angeles, where she has called home for the past 2 years. The photographer and his team, 10 gorgeous boys, and myself  are patiently waiting for her in the hall of the W hotel. Towering wedge heels, very short shorts, and a mane like a beautifiul lioness… you couldn’t miss her, Aida Yespica, has arrived. It has almost been10 years since I last saw her in Milan, and if you are wandering how her body looks now, the answer is:  she hasn’t changed. It’s as if time stopped for her alone, and a 20 year old Aida Yespica is standing right before my eyes! She’s not on a diet, she is not vegan,  and she loves pasta! So, it’s all thanks to the DNA!From the W hotel we all move together to the  photo shoot location: a luxury villa on the exsclusive Palm Island in Miami Beach. The back stage looks like a womens paradise, there are so many beautiful shoes that even Carrie Bradshaw would be envious! I asked to Aida what size she wears, 9.5 she said. Perfect! Just like me, I was seriously considering to steal a pair!From the bathing suites to the bangles, and from the necklesses to the handcuffs designed by Agent Provocatour, everything in her wardrobe sweat sensuality… If you are expecting a super socialite life consumed with partying and late night rendez-vous, you are wrong. Aida told me, she wakes up very early in the morning to take care of her very charming 7 year-old son. She brings him to school and then goes to her english class followed by acting school. She then only takes a break to go to the gym. A daily routine, very different from the one she had in Milan, when Aida used to be a partygirl.  Life has taken her far from that scene to place she now feels very happy. She said, Los Angeles is the place where she found her balance and her peace. Aida has become more of a homebody, and likes to spend most of her time relaxing at her house. But if you want to make her happy, she enjoys a nice meal at Nobu in LA or Cipriani when she is in Miami. She likes Social Networks, especially Instagram, but recently she has confessed, to making some mistakes. She would share content then after a few minutes delete it.  She understood that  using social networks can be dangerous, and it is much more beneficial to hire an exellent press office! Even with the flaws of social networking, Aida continues to enjoy using the applications  to share with others how she lives and what she likes.  At this moment Aida is looking to go into the Cinema industry, she wants to be an actress like the beautiful Angelina Jolie, one of her favourites. It seems that Aida will partecipate in an important cinematographic project, but for now it’s top secret, rumors say that she is going to act in “spanglish”. But for now, mum’s the word!Are we ready for the new phenomenon after Sofia Vergara?We will see!Written by Marianna Di Tommaso

Ocean Drive 06/2015

Ocean Drive

Katherine for a day. Ocean Drive for a day. A day for you and me, alone, with her. Let her run on and on up and down that road that cuts through Miami. It’s the way to the sea and the sea is the cradle of the city.Do you want to walk over it step by step with Katherine Schule? Hop on Aptitude and get down at the end of the day. The sun is high and Katherine loves “hats”. Don’t cover her face… even if it doesn’t matter, she is beautiful anyway. They look at her, they watch her and it doesn’t happen often in Miami where beauty is at home. Cars line up just to have her for a minute and caress her body with their body work. Also the police stops by. “What about us?” You too. Beauty is a law to be respected. Katherine might have been born in the 1930s or 1970s or Tomorrow. Her beauty’s timeless.  I take off the hat, I let the cars go by, I take her far from the traffic on Ocean Drive. She’s all for us now. The wind picked up the sand on her face and she points her eyes where she desires. She takes a look around and moves her hands between forehead and locks that keep on brushing the long eyelashes that adorn her brown eyes.One, two, maybe three moments frozen in succession on her face; Katherine Schule is Ocean Drive with the beach on her face, the hair blowing in the wind like the green palms and her legs long like the hot tarmac miles of the Ocean in Miami.Written by Maurizio Catalani

Carrie 06/2015


She made me lose my temper. Her naked body gave me no waiting time i had to have. I drank minutes; I threw them to the wind.I sent her flying up and down over the sun bathed streets and each time it seemed that my camera was framing her for the first time. Carrie has wings and she flies high over Miami. The color of the sky has no meaning. Carrie is dictating the rules. The cloud shadows and the hot sun await her to decide what to do.They caress her body without touching her, like light reflections that carve time in a beating of wings… No need to look for her, she will find you. She is always been there since you have always dreamed, followed, desired her.She turned naked towards me; she turned and turned over an over. I asked myself which Carrie I preferred. I gave up asking questions I enjoyed the time had with her for me, for you, for us. I am Aptitude and nothing is mine and  i keep nothing for myself. Before shooting she asked my how id wanted her, how I wanted her to move, how to look at me.I held my breath she was always beautiful, perfect, her skin shiny and slightly bathed by the Miami sun. Then I turned and she was gone. I thought I had imagined everything and that nothing had ever happened. And than I understood... She had flown away. Dreams have wings.Written by Maurizio Catalani

Look at me 06/2015

Look at me

It only takes one look to fall in love. Paolo Sorrentino as the “muse” of his new movie, “Youth”, has chosen Madalina. An Oscar winning body and gaze for a director who entered Hollywood from the main entrance. Madalina is a diamond from Romania and for thirteen years she has been a model in Milan. Now, New York, Los Angeles and Miami are her new home. “When I heard that Sorrentino had chosen me I almost brake down and cried…” that’s what happened to me when I saw her. She dreams to be an interior designer. She buys no clothes or bags, but furniture and furnishings for her home, her real passion. Try and ask her which is one of the things that she holds the dearest. She will give you the answer that you would never expect from a girl with the world at her feet. It is a foundation, which partly bears her name. It raises funds for various projects. In Nairobi, Madalina’s sweet smile caresses the face of an orphanage with 98 children. If you ask her what she likes of her job she answers candidly: “Giving dreams and emotions”. The same I experienced when I turned and I met her breath. I wanted to capture her eyes, to freeze her gaze, to let her lips touch my lenses. That is what I wanted from Madalina, to be kidnapped by her face and to dream with you with open eyes. Nowadays Madalina is a star shining over the most influent cities. She too loves to count the seconds of her life, which changes daily for the better and makes her dream. Just like we adore her Great Beauty.Written by Maurizio Catalani

Kevin Costner 06/2015

Kevin Costner

Kevin’s myth was born to the tune of Marvin Gave’s “I heard it throught the grapevine”, played during the funeral dressing of “Alex’s” lifeless body. In “The Big Chill”, the actor playing Alex is Kevin, yet nobody will ever see him. The director of this cult movie, Kasdan, cut all his scenes, flashbacks included, and this made Kevin famous.“I’ve learned to accept failures and successes as part of a whole, that’s life. If you don’t experience things you make no mistakes…” Kevin, Hollywood’s sex symbol, correctly shares this idea with People, and this statement condences Kevin’s career. Fandango, The Untouchables, No Way Out, A Perfect World, JFK, The Bodyguard and than, Waterworld, Silverado, Robin Hood are only a few of his most famous movies.Yet there is Indian blood in his life, and with “Dances with Wolves” in 1990 looted Hollywood.The movie won seven Oscars and got five nominations. Best movie and best director. In 1998 the American Film Institute ranks it 75th in the Greatest American Movies of all time list. Kevin wrote history and whoever does that is never ordinary. Three wives and seven children, it’s clear that you can’t blame zero growth on him. Three women yet millions who desire him. Which woman in the world hasn’t desired him even if only for a day? One hour or just five minutes…“I’m happy with what I’ve done. I’m not always happy with the results, but I’m happy with the decisions I’ve made, because I made them. I think is an important way to deal with life.” This is the answer given by Kevin to David Giammarco of Cigar Aficionado Magazine in an interview given fifteen years ago. Today those words are set in time like the white hair painted on the front paws of his beloved “Two Socks”. Sixty years of Kevin Costner, many of which we have celebrated with him.Written by Maurizio Catalani

Samuel L. Jackson 06/2015

Samuel L. Jackson

Seven years before, it was 1941, Mr. Miller one afternoon, having nothing else to do, was playing a melody on the piano that will make forever famous this little, now bigger, city in Tennessee. Chattanooga. He was celebrating that little train that cut trough town and, some years later, on that same train, with his mom and grandparents, little Samuel arrived some trains pass once in a lifetime, for Samuel the stops have been many more.Hi, can you tell me how come you are Samuel Jackson and not only Jackson like so many fucking individuals in the States? Why you are Pulp and the others aren’t. Why you are a Star making Wars and the others aren’t. You are Captain America and the others aren’t. You are Jackson and the others aren’t.For little Samuel, abandoned by his father, the streets in Chattanooga were filled with dust, the same Miller’s train lifted.Might I tell how wonderful it is, so wonderful, to set the camera, the lights, the diaphragm and that little black and white you need and than clicking on that Samuel’s face?What would you ask to him? I froze the pictures and he writes the rest with his expression. That astonished and grotesquely angry face when Travolta unintentionally shots and smears with blood the car in one of the most iconic Pulp Fiction scenes. His movies, in sixty-eight appearances, have cashed in over seven billion dollars. Die Hard, Star Wars, Captain America, Kill Bill, Jackie Brown, Jurassic Park, and Goodfellas. You feel like you have last seen that big face five minutes before while maybe he was trying to explain to you that there in not one reason, one bloody reason not to be unreal. “Well, yeah. I was just sitting here, eating my muffin, drinking my coffee, when I had what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity.” It is Jules Winnfield speaking, in Pulp Fiction. And maybe is life is the one of everyone. What is great is that who said those words became their owner. That’s why he is Samuel Jackson and not just Jackson. Meeting those who have made the history of cinema I’ve asked myself a thousand times what to ask them. But Aptitude doesn’t speak a lot. I want to know you and than I choose the image and not the words. Is a matter of ideas, of life style, of descriptive will. That i show I am I like to talk with you through a “frame”. Moreover, when you piss off someone what matters more, the expression on his face or the words that will follow?So shoot, seize the moment and tell it in the only language you know. Samuel Jackson hasn’t had an easy life. His childhood marked by a father who wasn’t present. Than you walk up and down, along those fucking moments when the brain demands many different things… but not reason. Than Spike and you climb up again. Tarantino puts him everywhere, also in his home drawers and then Spielberg and Scorsese and you find yourself running with the superhero in Captain America. It’s not for everyone.I went and re-read an interview with him and I’d like to share with you the things I liked. “I don’t choose movies because they pay a lot or because they will win a prize, I choose them because they mean something to me or they represent a challenge or they teach me something”. That’s Samuel Jackson speaking and maybe we have to believe him.I shot a few pictures in a dull moment during his stay in old Rome. A few minutes, maybe five, maybe ten, no more, but this is Aptitude to travel the world for days to freeze time in a second.Written by Maurizio Catalani

Giuseppe Cipriani 06/2015

Giuseppe Cipriani

So much has been written about you and your family and their history of success. Tell me something about your family that nobody knows. Maybe not everyone knows that there is a brand new representative of our family’s fifth generation named after our first restaurant in Venice.  What would you say is the largest reason behind Cipriani’s success? I don’t think there is one big reason but rather many components. Hard work and passion for four generations now, a style that does not impose, simple flavours served with love, a happy and relaxing atmosphere, and some luck.   What is your favorite dish?  The list is long and it depends on the mood and the situation. I can go from a typical Venetian dish like seppie in nero (squid in its own ink) to the most simple, but fantastic Norwegian crab with a touch of olive oil, and I can tell you that a perfectly cooked pasta al pomodoro always makes me happy.   What is your favorite place to travel to and why? I typically try to open restaurants in cities that I like since I then have to spend quite some time in them. Recently, I have become very fond of Ibiza. There is some understated freedom and wonderful atmosphere in this naturally beautiful island that makes me want to spend as much time as I can there. Also Punta del Este where I can relax for a few days every year, that is a luxury!   Is Italy doing better after the big recession that started in 2008?  I think it’s improving but there is still a long way to go.   Tell us what you find to be the most obvious difference between serving American and Italian customers. Considering that it is thanks to an American customer that my grandfather opened Harry’s Bar in 1931, I can say for sure that they are equally generous and they can both have a good soul.  Your son is now working at Miami’s Cipriani. Is he loving it here? Describe the relationship you have with him.  Actually both my sons Maggio and Ignazio are involved in all the projects that we do. They are based in New York and travel to the various locations. The relatonship I have with them is of great respect and I try not to interfere with their decisions, even if we might think differently at times. They opened both Cipriani Downtown Miami and Mr. C Beverly Hills mostly on their own and I have to say I am very proud of them and of the results they are achieving.   Miami has been growing so fast in the past few years. What is your perception of this city?  Miami has become more and more international, with great hospitality offers, cultural richness, events throughout the years and many new vibrant areas that are developing every day.   What is your next goal, and your future plans?  We have a lot on the plate at the moment, both in the States and abroad. We are opening a restaurant in Mexico City at the beginning of May, one in Dubai at the end of the year, we are discussing other projects in Miami and Ibiza. This said, my goal is to keep doing what I am doing and having fun doing it for as long as I can.Interview by Marianna Di Tommaso

Cedric Gervais 06/2015

Cedric Gervais

Aptitude stays up all night long and doesn’t retire before down breaks.Nighttime in Miami is full of lights, restaurants, luxury cars, and beautiful women.And then… then there’s the music, and Cedric compels you to join him.If your are born in Marseilles, have Italian grandparents, and grew up amidst the concrete and the sidewalks of a French port, what impels you to travel all over the world and then go live in Miami? Asking Cedric this question leaves room for only one answer: music.One of the most famous djs in the world, his shoulders are broad enough to bear the weight of a Grammy Award.Lana Rey’s Summer Sadness remix made his dream of a Grammy come true. Not bad, for the kid who used to play on the docks in Marseilles. Cedric laughs in the face of Aptitude, he laughs in the face of life, laughs recalling his Italian grandma who raised him, overfeeding him as well.His dog looks at him; it’s difficult to go out for a walk with an owner who lives by night. But Miami has always mixed up day with night, and both Cedric and his small Maltese didn’t take long to get used to it.As a youngster, Cedric had already begun to assault his parents’ eardrums. At the age of fifteen he had already turned his house in a small club. Cedric wanted to be a soccer player, but he let Zidane do that. Cedric smiles and grips the thumb of his open hand. Those same hands that light up Miami at night. A night too long to live and all too “house” with Cedric at the console.Interview by Marianna Di Tommaso