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Deco 00/0000


Femininity expands, assumes elongated agile, and athletic forms, smooth enough to shine, feather light.The déco woman comes from long back. She has wild styles from old Africa, and expands her beauty evoking Aztec art and Egyptian depiction. She blends with nature, with flowing water, and the foliage.They seem to issue forth from the scenic imagination and the almost unreal costumes made by Léon Bakst for Diaghilev’s Russian ballets. They are crystalline forms born from sunrays; the arms and the long legs seem like pinnacles or decorations on same style palaces. Aptitude has chosen nature to describe them; nature with its illogical confusion that has the logic of being, the  Beauty of the body, a lock of hair, bare breasts, eyes looking up into the sky.Déco is a long series of notes that seem to accompany the models of Aptitude to the tune of jazz.Suddenly you discover that your muse is a simple figure, assumes life all on her own and evolves naturally like in photosynthesis, assuming the figure of a flower or the long leaves of a wild plant.The curves become vast, the arms and legs stretch out, seeking life. Paris, New York, Rome, Los Angeles, she is a citizen of the world, she immerging with her style almost melting in, hiding herself and disappearing in the bigger picture. But Aptitude is there, and I’m here to capture the moment, the instant that leads my woman to become Jazz…Written by Maurizio Catalani

Water World 00/0000

Water World

We are made of water, it is inside us and it is right to be with it. Moving inside our body lets us live our time. So lets dive in, and play with a part of ourselves, let it embrace you, touch you rock you gently; it is no ordinary water. For that water we flew in the sky immersed with them in the Maldives azure.

Nostalgia 00/0000


Think you’ll find them again. They’re timeless. Do you remember them? And do you remember her going down that long staircase as if her hips moving could displace the white marble steps under her feet? They are that kind of beauty that is ageless and only a picture can freeze, a postcard full of memories that seems mailed tomorrow.It isn’t easy to grasp her today thnking that you will be seing it again in thirty or fifty years. You only need to find the right one, the right ones, the ones who have the strength to stop the days and make one endless. They’re the faces of nostalgia also because beauty, you know… will it mother forever. Photography with its light writes them down in time, they seem born already dusted in an old attic.I looked for them in the streets of New York, L.A., Miami. Aptitude devours miles and miles trying to live with you the sweet taste of feminine beauty; finding it at the end it gives you its endless dreams coming from a thousand ageless faces.Their faces are made up like paintings, lips telling yesterday desires that seem born today, hair outlined by a colorless pencil, eyes sought forever and ever.Is this only nostalgia? Maybe it’s also desire. Don’t ponder, it is!Written by Maurizio Catalani

Renaissance 03/2018


“Put some clothes on!” is the first thing a Sicilian girl ears before she goes out. “It’s hot, mom” she answers, and  yet ever docile, she covers herself, she knows she has to do it. Her land, her tradition, the style of a life lived by knowing that some things are possible while others are not. She runs on the street, the dust lifts the gowns that fall right below her knees. Then she turns, one, two, three, ten thousand times. The door to the house is far behind, stop running girl, hold on, let yourself be tempted by the heat, let the first sweat drops kissing your breast run free. Let yourself go, behind the thorns there’s Aptitude, there’s temptation…

One's 00/0000


Do you understand me? Have I made myself clear? What is beauty? It’s strange but beauty is a moment of sensations that confuse the body of a man with that of a Woman. The lines have the same intensity; the choice is up to you.It’s impossible to improve beauty by dressing it You have to make it dirty to enhance it. A hobo bent over in theCold of the Great Apple can give you a feeling of infiniteSadness, yet that is his beauty.Omar and Aptitude, together, are beauty. They didn’t meet by chanceOn the roads of New York, or maybe London, or maybe it was Miami, no it was Paris… We decided to go mad with him in a mental institution closed for decades near Milan.What a confusion beauty creates. An eye and a still of his image, I had to dirty it.Omar dresses as morning or maybe it’s evening but it doesn’t matter.Beauty has no time, it walks with you.I went in an attic to find what i was thinking of i wouldn’t need it anymore, I wouldn’t have found it if I searched for it. I threw on the back seat of my old car some clothes worn by time and their smell mingled with the leather of the tired car that asked only to be parked. We roamed a lot and than we choose the most raw, dirty, childish possible place to find the difference between beautiful and ugly, between opaque and light, between madness and its intangible beauty. Change and he changed. Come down I’ll take a picture. Look at the rest, I twill be like being with us among those old walls abandoned, tainted by the fear of not being and passing time. Yet he is now. Written by Maurizio Catalani

Miami Night 00/0000

Miami Night

I am the night. The night you’d like to share with me. The night you are looking for, I am Lena the night you desire. I spent our night in Miami. It was hot, very hot. I had to take my clothes off, drenched by humidity. I changed my hair, I roamed a lot but not enough. I tried to find a part of you and for you I took off something, but not my skin. I am Lena Erickson and I feel better when I know you are watching me. You prefer me blond or dark-haired? Red or pink? The colors are the night and the night of Miami lies ahead. I am with Aptitude And he talks about you. He looks at me and he tells me to imagine that youAre watching me but I pretend not to see you. You know that the night in Miami blends with dawn? What if we pretend to spend that dawn together? Aptitude tells me to look at you, but you can’t touch me, not at night. You can only watch me.Far I roamed this night! They watched me as I stroke the poses for you and them. This is modeling. Making you dream while my dreams blend with yours, you and I are not that different, maybe we share the same thought. Miami by night is a nice place, gives you a sense of living and of doing whatever is beautiful to live for. Aptitude is a large vase of desire and I plunge my hand in it Trying to collect everything I could. Would you like to dress me in the colors of the night? I strip myself at night… you’d better invite me to Miami…Written by Maurizio Catalani

Ayda Yespica 00/0000

Ayda Yespica

It’s 2.30 pm on a warm afternoon in March, hot and magnificent as only Miami can be. She has just arrived from Los Angeles, where she has called home for the past 2 years. The photographer and his team, 10 gorgeous boys, and myself  are patiently waiting for her in the hall of the W hotel. Towering wedge heels, very short shorts, and a mane like a beautifiul lioness… you couldn’t miss her, Aida Yespica, has arrived. It has almost been10 years since I last saw her in Milan, and if you are wandering how her body looks now, the answer is:  she hasn’t changed. It’s as if time stopped for her alone, and a 20 year old Aida Yespica is standing right before my eyes! She’s not on a diet, she is not vegan,  and she loves pasta! So, it’s all thanks to the DNA!From the W hotel we all move together to the  photo shoot location: a luxury villa on the exsclusive Palm Island in Miami Beach. The back stage looks like a womens paradise, there are so many beautiful shoes that even Carrie Bradshaw would be envious! I asked to Aida what size she wears, 9.5 she said. Perfect! Just like me, I was seriously considering to steal a pair!From the bathing suites to the bangles, and from the necklesses to the handcuffs designed by Agent Provocatour, everything in her wardrobe sweat sensuality… If you are expecting a super socialite life consumed with partying and late night rendez-vous, you are wrong. Aida told me, she wakes up very early in the morning to take care of her very charming 7 year-old son. She brings him to school and then goes to her english class followed by acting school. She then only takes a break to go to the gym. A daily routine, very different from the one she had in Milan, when Aida used to be a partygirl.  Life has taken her far from that scene to place she now feels very happy. She said, Los Angeles is the place where she found her balance and her peace. Aida has become more of a homebody, and likes to spend most of her time relaxing at her house. But if you want to make her happy, she enjoys a nice meal at Nobu in LA or Cipriani when she is in Miami. She likes Social Networks, especially Instagram, but recently she has confessed, to making some mistakes. She would share content then after a few minutes delete it.  She understood that  using social networks can be dangerous, and it is much more beneficial to hire an exellent press office! Even with the flaws of social networking, Aida continues to enjoy using the applications  to share with others how she lives and what she likes.  At this moment Aida is looking to go into the Cinema industry, she wants to be an actress like the beautiful Angelina Jolie, one of her favourites. It seems that Aida will partecipate in an important cinematographic project, but for now it’s top secret, rumors say that she is going to act in “spanglish”. But for now, mum’s the word!Are we ready for the new phenomenon after Sofia Vergara?We will see!Written by Marianna Di Tommaso

Master or Chef? 03/2018

Master or Chef?

The kitchen is the place he calls home. Italian Food is a trademark and his face is one of the most well known faces linked to Italian cuisine. Carlo Cracco is not just a name followed by a surname. He is an Italian “taste” firm in the world. He believes cooking is an emotion. Only those who can feel the emotion and know the wind it builds inside of you will win in this race we call life. The egg that once belonged to Columbus, he turned it into “Cracco’s”, he defined it as the ingredient inspiring his career the most.  Today, Carlo is an opinion leader also outside the kitchen, thanks to his attitude and his way of interpreting his role. Television turned him into a star, turned his face into an emoticon, something that tells you what you are and what you wish to say. “At home, I’m always the one doing the cooking. Two things you’ll always find in my fridge are salami and salad”. Simplicity in the hands of someone who knows the road to success is huge and original. Carlo might seem far, far away but he’s easy to find. He has said it over and over - three months in TV and then you will find him in his restaurant; just knock on the door,  I’ll be there. Aptitude knocked, Carlo was there

Marcello Mastroianni 03/2018

Marcello Mastroianni

Marcello Mastroianni è la dolce vita, la dolce vita è Roma, bellissima e tutta da vivere, celebrata in un film di Fellini che ha reso la città ancora più eterna. E Marcello  è quella faccia da italiano che corre veloce nella pellicola a fare il giro delle sale di tutto il mondo.  «Non mi piaccio. Non mi sono mai piaciuto, neanche fisicamente. Non mi piaccio quando mi osservo allo specchio: questo nasino corto, questa bocca cicciuta. A me piacciono le bocche senza labbra e i nasi lunghi, aquilini. Io sono carino e un uomo non dev’esser carino. Più ci penso, più mi chiedo come sia possibile che una faccia simile mi dia da mangiare. Che la gente ci veda l’espressione di un’epoca, anzi il simbolo di un uomo ambiguo, confuso, egoista, immaturo?». Rispondeva così, Mastroianni, ad Oriana Fallaci, eppure era il volto bello di un’ italiano, l’uomo dei desideri di donne di colore e lingue diverse.  Eppure è stato e sempre sarà Marcello, uno dei pochi che non dovrà mai dire il suo cognome. Centosessanta e passa film per quella faccia da italiano. Chilometri di pellicola ed allora permettete ancora un “frame” firmato Aptitude

Fellini 03/2018


He  created images and neologisms, stopped hearts and desires, bewitched common folk and artists. Federico Fellini and Marcello Mastroianni, face and pen of that movie that celebrated  Italian cinema everywhere. ”According to me we can divide movies into before La Dolce Vita and after La Dolce Vita: it has broken the rules of narrative thanks to its audacity, it has shown that you could be honest on screen. Never had we seen a work with such a high morale, intelligence and maturity. It has changed history”. Words spoken by Martin Scorsese, and maybe we should believe him. With time Fellini has become a prejudice, an illogical analysis of a glimpse of life, sweet or maybe not. With these words in one of his last interviews, he told Positif, a French Cinema Magazine, about his arrival Rome: “I still remember the first time I arrived, in a tram, a small tram that left from the train station, left behind the city and crossed endless miles of countryside next to a Roman aqueduct. In the end this building, halfway between a hospital and a University would appear, it had a magical name Cinecittà.” That tram was numbered 8 and a half, than it turned into a “Street”,  and by a giant leap in fantasy it turned into a ship that still kicks time in the butt. “Excuse me, Federico, can I take a picture?” “Who are you, paparazzo?” “I am Aptitude” Federico smiles and, almost turning his back to the camera reassures us. “Go ahead, shoot…”

Claudia Cardinale 03/2018

Claudia Cardinale

Claudia, semplicemente Claudia. Claudia Cardinale una bellezza italiana, semplice, delicata, confonde il giorno con la notte, la luna ed il sole, il buio e la luce. Passano gli anni, tanti, ma Claudia confonde anche noi, la resa di Aptitude al “bello” é per sempre.