Photographer: Roberto Rocco

For three days every year Miami lives in music the greatest festival of the year at Bayfront Park.
The Miami Music Week is famous for bringing together an extraordinary mass of people from all over the world to listen to the music of the Sunshine State’s greatest Djs. Cedric is one of the hosts.

Cedric Gervais
Cedric Gervais
story to tell

Aptitude stays up all night long and doesn’t retire before down breaks.
Nighttime in Miami is full of lights, restaurants, luxury cars, and beautiful women.
And then… then there’s the music, and Cedric compels you to join him.
If your are born in Marseilles, have Italian grandparents, and grew up amidst the concrete and the sidewalks of a French port, what impels you to travel all over the world and then go live in Miami? Asking Cedric this question leaves room for only one answer: music.
One of the most famous djs in the world, his shoulders are broad enough to bear the weight of a Grammy Award.
Lana Rey’s Summer Sadness remix made his dream of a Grammy come true. Not bad, for the kid who used to play on the docks in Marseilles. Cedric laughs in the face of Aptitude, he laughs in the face of life, laughs recalling his Italian grandma who raised him, overfeeding him as well.
His dog looks at him; it’s difficult to go out for a walk with an owner who lives by night. But Miami has always mixed up day with night, and both Cedric and his small Maltese didn’t take long to get used to it.
As a youngster, Cedric had already begun to assault his parents’ eardrums. At the age of fifteen he had already turned his house in a small club. Cedric wanted to be a soccer player, but he let Zidane do that. Cedric smiles and grips the thumb of his open hand. Those same hands that light up Miami at night. A night too long to live and all too “house” with Cedric at the console.

Interview by Marianna Di Tommaso