Photo: Claudio Porcarelli

Starting from Naples and reaching the Dolby Theatre is not the easiest thing to do.

story to tell

Holding onto his Oscar, he thanked Fellini, Scorsese, the Talking Heads and Maradona a mix of cinema, music and passion for the Argentinian football genius. Paolo Sorrentino and Tony Servillo have always been a couple, a cinema union that seems to suffer no crisis whatsoever, right now they are on the set of the Neapolitan director’s latest movie “Them” that tells one part of Berlusconi’s life, guess which one.

Them, a simple word, could mean everything even if it could sound a tad generic. The movie narrates the decadence of the Berlusconi court, not the political but the private one, the one lived in the media covered nights in Arcore. A long stretch of life, starting with the birth of the economically eternal love with Veronica till the gloomy ending in Bunga Bunga.

Paolo sorrentino
Paolo Sorrentino was born in Naples. He is the director and the screenwriter of his own movies. 
He won four European Film Awards, one BAFTA, five Donatello Davids, seven Silver Ribbons and one Oscar with The Great Beauty.

Tony servillo

Marco Antonio Servillo, born in Afragola, a few miles from the gulf of Naples. He won two European Film Awards, four Donatello Davids, Four Silver Ribbons, one Golden Globe, three Golden Ciaks and a Silver Marc’Aurelio for best actor at the Rome Film Festival.
Toni Servillo this time turns into Silvio Berlisconi, his face becomes an Italian mask, just like so many years ago he turned into Giulio Andreotti for the Paolo Sorrentino movie Il Divo. In The Great Beauty he played the rich writer Jepp Gambardella, guide to the pleasure-loving Rome devised by the fantasy of his director.