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La cucina è la sua casa. Il cibo italiano è un’immagine e lui è uno dei volti più noti del nostro gusto in tavola. Carlo Cracco non né un nome ed un cognome. E’ un marchio italiano del “gusto” nel mondo.

Master or Chef?
Master or Chef?
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The kitchen is the place he calls home. Italian Food is a trademark and his face is one of the most well known faces linked to Italian cuisine. Carlo Cracco is not just a name followed by a surname. He is an Italian “taste” firm in the world. 

He believes cooking is an emotion. Only those who can feel the emotion and know the wind it builds inside of you will win in this race we call life. The egg that once belonged to Columbus, he turned it into “Cracco’s”, he defined it as the ingredient inspiring his career the most.  Today, Carlo is an opinion leader also outside the kitchen, thanks to his attitude and his way of interpreting his role. Television turned him into a star, turned his face into an emoticon, something that tells you what you are and what you wish to say. “At home, I’m always the one doing the cooking. Two things you’ll always find in my fridge are salami and salad”. Simplicity in the hands of someone who knows the road to success is huge and original. Carlo might seem far, far away but he’s easy to find. He has said it over and over - three months in TV and then you will find him in his restaurant; just knock on the door,  I’ll be there. Aptitude knocked, Carlo was there