Photographer: Roberto Rocco
Post Production: Marilina Marchini

The old attic puts at rest a thousand memories. A timeless old piece of furniture, books waiting to be read, countless little things you believed lost. Moreover a pen, and old pictures filled with nostalgia…

story to tell

Think you’ll find them again. They’re timeless. Do you remember them? And do you remember her going down that long staircase as if her hips moving could displace the white marble steps under her feet?
They are that kind of beauty that is ageless and only a picture can freeze, a postcard full of memories that seems mailed tomorrow.
It isn’t easy to grasp her today thnking that you will be seing it again in thirty or fifty years. You only need to find the right one, the right ones, the ones who have the strength to stop the days and make one endless. They’re the faces of nostalgia also because beauty, you know… will it mother forever. Photography with its light writes them down in time, they seem born already dusted in an old attic.
I looked for them in the streets of New York, L.A., Miami. Aptitude devours miles and miles trying to live with you the sweet taste of feminine beauty; finding it at the end it gives you its endless dreams coming from a thousand ageless faces.
Their faces are made up like paintings, lips telling yesterday desires that seem born today, hair outlined by a colorless pencil, eyes sought forever and ever.
Is this only nostalgia? Maybe it’s also desire. Don’t ponder, it is!

Written by Maurizio Catalani