Photographer: Roberto Rocco 
Photographer assistant: Simone Golfieri
Hair: Mirella Conte
Make Up: Paola Calabrese
Starring: Adua Del Vesco

A beauty to die for. An angel-like face that cannot resist tempting you, yet she is not the one looking for your reaction; it is the reaction that looks for her. She is Adua del Vesco, eyes that reflect the colors of nature, amongst a thousand freckles that look like the white sand of a dream island.

Call me Veronica
Call me Veronica
Call me Veronica
Call me Veronica
story to tell

Soon to be bride. Aptitude guys, look but forget about her, for also the girls will have a hard time forgetting the groom. Gabriel Garko is marring her, yet he is not the only man whose gaze turned upon Adua lately. She received a call from Paolo ‘Mr. Oscar’ Sorrentino. She will be a young Veronica Lario in the movie “Them” that will hit the theatres next year. Is it clear now why Berlusconi lost his head? Adua never loses her head though, that is the effect she has on everyone else. She is one of the new stars of Italian cinema, a wonderful woman with a child-like gaze, you can give her a ride in a Bentley or  a shopping cart, she will always be herself, you cannot avoid staring at her thinking you are daydreaming. Aptitude is the sideline of a dream, the dream you wish you could live, the transgression of a gaze, the provocation of an idea. Leaf through if you dare.