Photographer: Roberto Rocco
Model: Carrie
Hair and Make up: Richard Sorrenti

She is Carrie and her body is made to let you fly away. She is Carrie her breasts are like wind carved rocks, forever. She is Carrie the round heart above her tapered legs leave you breathless.

story to tell

She made me lose my temper. Her naked body gave me no waiting time i had to have. I drank minutes; I threw them to the wind.
I sent her flying up and down over the sun bathed streets and each time it seemed that my camera was framing her for the first time. Carrie has wings and she flies high over Miami. The color of the sky has no meaning. Carrie is dictating the rules. The cloud shadows and the hot sun await her to decide what to do.
They caress her body without touching her, like light reflections that carve time in a beating of wings… No need to look for her, she will find you. She is always been there since you have always dreamed, followed, desired her.
She turned naked towards me; she turned and turned over an over. I asked myself which Carrie I preferred. I gave up asking questions I enjoyed the time had with her for me, for you, for us. I am Aptitude and nothing is mine and  i keep nothing for myself. Before shooting she asked my how id wanted her, how I wanted her to move, how to look at me.
I held my breath she was always beautiful, perfect, her skin shiny and slightly bathed by the Miami sun. Then I turned and she was gone. I thought I had imagined everything and that nothing had ever happened. And than I understood... She had flown away. Dreams have wings.

Written by Maurizio Catalani