Photographer: Roberto Rocco
Model: Tatyana
Styling: Marilina Marchini
Make up: Alessandra Capone
Hair: Daniele Valentini

Tatyana ….alone in her unique beauty, she can let you daydream. Don’t shut down when she watches you, you won’t make it.
No need to go find her, she’s on Aptitude…

story to tell

You know, at times I get tired and run through the streets of Miami without even looking if the sea is calling me? Have you ever tried  to run and be forced to stop because you’re short of breath? She made me miss it. She was alone but unique. She was running and the sea was watching her, usually it’s the other way round. Time froze me, a few moments to tell her that she couldn’t avoid being on the pages of Aptitude. We went round in the sand and my lenses strived to have the sun behind… yet the sun was there, right before me. There’s no need to talk to her, I let her move on her own. Rarely I don’t talk and I don’t ask the model an expression or tell her how to move or position the parts of her body. That’s good Tatyana… Do what you want for once I too like to watch and let the sunlight blend with your moon colored skin… There is no reason not to believe that God has created the woman, there is no reason not to believe that she isn’t divine.
Tatyna lives under the skies of the world and when she drops  her clothes the world falls at her feet. I let her run, smile, touch lightly  her face with her hands, ruffle her hair, frown. She was ever beautiful and her fragrance stamped the sweet smell of the sea that touches Miami. We met again and she looked in the pictures the moments spent together.
She smiled and looked like she was watching the pictures of someone else maybe distracted by her own beauty. Hard to know what you can do the following day. Tatyana is one of those women that can feel your calendar… alone…

Written by Maurizio Catalani