Photographer: Roberto Rocco
Model: Miles Bugby
Styling: Jim Ford
Clothing:  John Varvatos
Grooming: Alex Turturro

Difficult to chose a male model. His gaze might catch you, his demeanor, not necessarily his body, or his beauty.
Miles has everything or almost, but it is the darkness…

story to tell

The dark side of the night. It’s her, a companion of our thoughts;
Mute, she drags you into solitude and searching.
A veil of the moon lights up Miles in the Miami nighttime. The gaze, the face, the body, everything made
To let her dream and raise the mild temperature accompanied by the wind that blows in warmed by the ocean’s waves. One, two, three, one hundred shots, yet the form is the same.
Miles Bugby’s aesthetic talent never misses a beat.
We wander in the night looking for a bright spot, yet he is the light.
Enough is an old shutter or grating enclosing the gate of an old garage and he becomes part of the whole by magic. Take a ride with Miles at nighttime in Miami. The gaze of a thousand “shes” tries to capture his, to daydream about him, to freeze that instant to have him for at least an hour. Miles is not for all of them, but for one alone, she who has what he has, everything.
Our night with Miles ends at dawn and Aptitude thanks him for the time spent, time set forever by that instant of light which describes him for you in all his extraordinary physical allure, his magical charm able to drive crazy all the girls we came across in Miami. Then again, this is what Aptitude is about, beauty without limits.

Written by Maurizio Catalani