Photographer: Roberto Rocco
Model: Katherìne  Schule
Styling:  Hellen Davis
Hair/Make up: Jesus Hichan
Hats: Linco Roads
Swimwear: La Perla

I walk along Ocean Drive every day, that strip of tarmac running along the white beach outlined by the palms of Miami, the city of luxury, dreams, sun. The city of Scarface, of Wilder’s Marilyn, of Al Pacino’s given Sundays, where there’s Something About Mary.
But I never walked along it with her…

Ocean Drive
Ocean Drive
Ocean Drive
Ocean Drive
Ocean Drive
story to tell

Katherine for a day. Ocean Drive for a day. A day for you and me, alone, with her. Let her run on and on up and down that road that cuts through Miami. It’s the way to the sea and the sea is the cradle of the city.
Do you want to walk over it step by step with Katherine Schule? Hop on Aptitude and get down at the end of the day. The sun is high and Katherine loves “hats”. Don’t cover her face… even if it doesn’t matter, she is beautiful anyway. They look at her, they watch her and it doesn’t happen often in Miami where beauty is at home. Cars line up just to have her for a minute and caress her body with their body work. Also the police stops by. “What about us?” You too. Beauty is a law to be respected. Katherine might have been born in the 1930s or 1970s or Tomorrow. Her beauty’s timeless.  I take off the hat, I let the cars go by, I take her far from the traffic on Ocean Drive. She’s all for us now. The wind picked up the sand on her face and she points her eyes where she desires. She takes a look around and moves her hands between forehead and locks that keep on brushing the long eyelashes that adorn her brown eyes.
One, two, maybe three moments frozen in succession on her face; Katherine Schule is Ocean Drive with the beach on her face, the hair blowing in the wind like the green palms and her legs long like the hot tarmac miles of the Ocean in Miami.

Written by Maurizio Catalani