Photographer: Agnes Spaak & Darko Labor
Assistent Photographer: Nicolas Bellwald
Model: Omar Remazzina
Styling: Leonardo Persico
Assistent Styling: Eleonora Laureti

Omar Remazzina is a head turner. We met him in Mombello, the old mental institution which has been closed for years.
Catwalks and shootings star for top worldwide firms, he has chosen Aptitude, he has chosen you.

story to tell

Do you understand me? Have I made myself clear? What is beauty? It’s strange but beauty is a moment of sensations that confuse the body of a man with that of a Woman. The lines have the same intensity; the choice is up to you.
It’s impossible to improve beauty by dressing it
You have to make it dirty to enhance it. A hobo bent over in the
Cold of the Great Apple can give you a feeling of infinite
Sadness, yet that is his beauty.
Omar and Aptitude, together, are beauty. They didn’t meet by chance
On the roads of New York, or maybe London, or maybe it was Miami, no it was Paris… We decided to go mad with him in a mental institution closed for decades near Milan.
What a confusion beauty creates. An eye and a still of his image, I had to dirty it.
Omar dresses as morning or maybe it’s evening but it doesn’t matter.
Beauty has no time, it walks with you.
I went in an attic to find what i was thinking of i wouldn’t need it anymore, I wouldn’t have found it if I searched for it. I threw on the back seat of my old car some clothes worn by time and their smell mingled with the leather of the tired car that asked only to be parked. We roamed a lot and than we choose the most raw, dirty, childish possible place to find the difference between beautiful and ugly, between opaque and light, between madness and its intangible beauty. Change and he changed. Come down I’ll take a picture. Look at the rest, I twill be like being with us among those old walls abandoned, tainted by the fear of not being and passing time. Yet he is now.

Written by Maurizio Catalani