Photographer: Roberto Rocco
Photographer Assistant: Alessandra Musci
Make Up: Gabriele Chiostro
Hair: Luca Mencarini 
Model: Antonia Marrone
Post Production: Marilina Marchini

A country wearing masks, depicted in costume, not omitting merits yet underlining defects, if there are any.

Take off the mask
Take off the mask
Take off the mask
Take off the mask
story to tell

Pulcinella, Harlequin, Columbina, Pantaloon, Gianduja, Doctor Balanzone, Rugantino, Brighella, Meneghino, Stenterello come on, there is plenty of room in Italy for Carnival. Aptitude also loves to parade in a mask. What where you expecting? A pure and chaste Columbina? A distracted and shy Harlequin? Pulcinella dancing on the streets of old and tired Naples? Nope! Carnival is fat, full of glances and misunderstandings where everyone is on the lookout for the damsel in costume ready to get lost in the crowd. Opportunity reveals our true nature. Here we celebrate Carnival and its most hidden pleasures, trying to hold on tight to anything we can grasp. And so, take off the mask, tomorrow is another day, full with her. Just like Aptitude, full of itself.