Photographer: Roberto Rocco
Model: Ju Imai
Hair:  Luca Mencarini
Postproduction: Marilina Marchini

Does perfection exist? If you’re looking for it, you’ve found it. Her name is Giuliana and she’s a fleeting fawn. She smiles and then bolts.
Runs, keeps the distance then she stops, turns around to look at you, and you… believe me… will stand like that, forever watching.

Think of me
Think of me
Think of me
Think of me
Think of me
Think of me
story to tell

A beautiful loft, a wardrobe full of clothes, perfect for each day and every hour
Ready to be worn.
Giuliana instead loves her lingerie and that’s the only thing she would like to wear. It’s not a bright, sunny day, but she’s there, what else do you need? Her eyes seem fallen from the sky, her body drawn by Giotto.
Her hips mingle with the rest of her body and her perfume is a sixth sense drug. Giuliana is wonderful, you have the feeling that you will never see one like her, the perfect and non-perfectible unexpected, you have the feeling that it will be impossible to meet one like her in ten or twenty more years.
Her skin is soft like her smile and her words. Her movements disarm and let Aptitude caress them with a thousand shots. You can’t stop watching, desiring.
Second turn into minutes of endless desire.
She stops to gaze at the clouds of the huge building wrapping them and you can’t avoid capturing everything about her, and she turns to look at me as if she meant to tell me something… that I would never forget. Believe me, being Aptitude isn’t easy, but it’s easy to describe her, writing with pictures her endless charm.
She’s tired, in a few moments we will leave her. She lies on the white sheets, loosing her body in them; she looks at us, her fawn eyes seem to talk to you about her an about everything else.
Believe me.

Written by Maurizio Catalani