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I am Aptitude.
You must know that the image is forever.
Everything runs and everything slips from our sweaty,
excited, false or sincere hands. Everything flows but a
sentence written on the remains of a decaying wall or in
a book, the image is not an idea it is the truth of a second
and that a second is forever. Writing, drawing… light is
photography. It is ancient Greek, I come from far away, the
history of its stomping grounds, the history you can non
stop. It suspends themoment… the beauty of theworld, the
woman. It stops everything and nothing from its origins…
the man. Fixes the beauty of the being, the intelligence.
I am Aptitude, creativity, ingenuity, skill, intelligence,
alertness, all in one shot and that shot is photography and
photography is Aptitude. I am a picture mime and with
my mimic I crossed the roads, the faces, the gazes of the
people I met. I don’t recall all of them, maybe just a few,
maybe many, but they always fixed their and our time in an
image, in that second of time. I am Aptitude and they will
remember me forever. My shots have frozen the thoughts
of common people, of top models, of movie and worldwide
business. All of them, believe me, in that second had a
thought and the image will help you to under stand it. I
am Aptitude. What I want from you? To be seen, observed,
satisfied, you shall masturbate mentally and enjoy the
strength of my moment frozen in time. You want her, you
want him, you want to be one of them? I’ll let you dream
but with open eyes. I’ve decided to come to the light, I want
to unveil myself, and I can’t be alone with them. I want
them to be part of you and of your dreams and of a real
long moment in which you discover them so they can give
you the feeling of a thrill as if they were there with you. I am
Aptitude, time in a second. Get it.
Art Director
Roberto Rocco
Editor in chief
Stefania Legumi
Articles editor
Maurizio Catalani, Paul Farrell
Design director
Cristian de Nardis
Post production
Marilina Marchini
Market director
Max Interlandi
Special thanks:
Alessandra Venzi, Alberto Siludella, Alessandra Musci,
Beatrice Di Gianfrancesco, Ares Film, Avis Noleggio,
Alitalia, Irene Styling, Antoniette Dema Pelliccie,
Agenzia Viaggi Carpe Diem, Rosalinda Accademy,Healty
Catering,Ciak Italia, Studi Cinematografici Ares Film,
Studio, S Via Tiburtina, Zara, Intimissimi, Studio 117,
Noleggio Auto D, Epoca Conti, Simone Olivieri , Il Comune
Di Noto Sicilia, Rossana Pandolfini, Studio Immagine
Group, Studios/Daniele Taddei.
In copertina
Antonia Marrone
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