Aptitude Magazine 2017 - page 15

Aptitude magazin
Roberto Rocco
Linea Erickson
Hair/Make up:
Joshua Ribadeo
Marilina Marchini
Berjheny Perez
I am the night. The night you’d like to share with me.
The night you are looking for, I am Lena the night you desire.
I spent our night in Miami.
It was hot, very hot.
I had to take my clothes off, drenched by humidity.
I changed my hair, I roamed a lot but not enough.
I tried to find a part of you and for you I took off something, but not my skin. I am
Lena Erickson and I feel better when I know you are watching me. You prefer me
blond or dark-haired? Red or pink?
The colors are the night and the night of Miami lies ahead. I am with Aptitude
And he talks about you. He looks at me and he tells me to imagine that you
Are watching me but I pretend not to see you.
You know that the night in Miami blends with dawn? What if we pretend to spend
that dawn together? Aptitude tells me to look at you, but you can’t touch me, not
at night. You can only watch me.
Far I roamed this night! They watched me as I stroke the poses for you and them.
This is modeling.
Making you dream while my dreams blend with yours, you and I Are not that dif-
ferent, maybe we share the same thought.
Miami by night is a nice place, gives you a sense of living and of doing whatever
is beautiful to live for. Aptitude is a large vase of desire and I plunge my hand in it
Trying to collect everything I could.
Would you like to dress me in the colors of the night?
I strip myself at night… you’d better invite me to Miami…
Linea Erickson . The world is her home.
International top model. Playboy draw her,
Aptitude for her has chosen the night.
The hot and transgressive Miami one.
Written by Maurizio Catalani
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